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Plans for March

Posted by the-grovekeeper - March 1st, 2021


February came and went pretty fast! I had to pump the brakes on commissions to make sure everything was delivered in a timely fashion, but as we cross the finish line, I'm all set to take some more work and do some more fun stuff for y'all. 

Read below if you want to know what's cooking this month! 

Miscellaneous Patreon Polls!

I don't really have a theme this month! I've been gathering ideas for the past few months that couldn't quite fit in the other themes, so this month's going to feature characters that I like from Fire Emblem, Hades, Dragon Ball, Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear & BNA. 

Boobage Practice!

This month I want to experiment with Clip Studio Paint to produce cleaner line work, especially for curvy and squishy surfaces ... like boobs! 

I'll work on a sketch page featuring a bunch of boobs from characters that you suggested. I'll be posting on Patreon & Twitter simultaneously to gather suggestions, so keep an eye out for that. 


I'll be opening up commissions again in a couple of days with a temporary discount on SFW comms to perk up my SFW Twitter account. (10% off, which will stack with Patreon discounts)

I'll still happily work on NSFW Pieces and the usual Patreon discounts will apply there, too! 

1K Twitter Special

I'm veeeery close to finishing my 1k special. There's only a small polish pass to do on the art and assemble the piece & the audio and it's ready!

Which is pretty well timed since I'm less than 30 followers away from crossing that milestone. Heck yeah!

Tryhard Piece

Speaking of that 1k special. It took a lot more of my time than I initially thought, so I pushed back last month's piece to March. 

Prepare yourself for a Hades piece this month!

Desire's Grove

If you're looking forward to the next update in Desire's Grove, look alive! 

I've got a new update approaching on that front with a new villain who's almost ready to ship.

So yeah! Whether you want to commission a piece, to play the next version of Desire's Grove or just appreciate some lewd pieces, you'll find something up your alley this month!

See you around!